LinkedIn New Cover Photo


LinkedIn has started to add the Cover Photo option to free accounts.

LinkedIn added the cover photo option for Premium accounts back in June, and since July, they have been adding this option to some free accounts (The Social Media Hat).

The purpose of your LinkedIn account is to house your professional profile: past and current jobs, accomplishments, awards, volunteer opportunities, etc. Your LinkedIn account should give an accurate, and up to date, picture of who you are as a professional. Treat is as a very thorough resume.

LinkedIn has started to add more visual options such as photo covers and visual file uploads to make the social site more flexible. We suggest you take advantage of these capabilities, and use this space to show off your professional personality.

I chose to go with Fall leaves since this is my absolute favorite time of year, and I will continue to adapt and change this decor space as the year goes on.

The size information for this photo is 1400 pixel width by 425 pixel height, in jpeg, png, or gif format. The file size must also be less than 4MB.

If you need assistance creating professional looking cover photos on LinkedIn, or any other social media site, please send us an email at


Facebook for Business: What we learned Part I


Recently, our team was lucky enough to visit Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California for an event they called Facebook Fit.

Facebook Fit was designed to bring small business owners together to learn about the Facebook tools that can help businesses drive traffic and grow their online presence.

We walked away with lots of good information. Today, I want to share with you what we learned about Facebook Story Packs.

Facebook Story Packs allow you to organize your social media content into 4 main categories:

1) News, Goal: Drive Sales & Traffic

Facebook suggests that you post about your Promotions. If your company has a sale or discount promotion, be sure to tell your clients. Additionally, share with your followers the Logistics of your business, news that affects your business, or changes in hours and location. Lastly, if you are going to participate in an event, or your business will be having a holiday special, you should absolutely share this with your followers.

2) Things, Goal: Drive Sales & Traffic

Facebook suggests telling your followers about what makes your business unique, tell the story of your products and services, and most importantly, let your audience know what need your product or services fills.

3) People, Goal: Build Your Brand

Facebook suggests highlighting your employees, your loyal customers, and share recommendations from customers or employees. Show your followers that you listen.

4) Places, Goal: Build Your Brand

Facebook suggests telling your followers the backstory of your space, why you set up shop where you did. Share the atmosphere around you, what types of businesses are near you? What makes your neighborhood unique compared to other places in the United States, or the World?

What types of posts attract you as a consumer?