Social Media Marketing for Brands is Really About Listening

Now a days a following on most social media channels can be purchased. There isn’t anything wrong with purchasing your following, however it doesn’t look good for a brand to have an extensive following and almost no engagement.

What do I mean by engagement? 

Your followers should be engaged with the things that you are posting on your social media channels. Engagement is measured based on the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, impressions, and other social channel specific measures.

Why is engagement important? 

Engagement not only boosts your social media presence, it shows that the information you are choosing to share with your social following actually provides some value.

Some brands have a large following and decent engagement, but they spend their time talking to their potential clients and not listening.

Listening includes a variety of different types of engagement across social media platforms; all of which are important.

Firstly, you should always take the time to like, comment and share on other pages. Your Facebook page will not magically gain a following by posting information, you need to engage with others to get others to engage with you.

Secondly, you need to reply when people leave you a comment. At some point, you may have too many followers to reply to them all, but at least take the time to like their comment. Making this a habit will only increase your engagement in the future.

Lastly, search social platforms to see what people are saying about you and your brand. For example, if you sent out a tweet saying that you were unhappy with a company’s service, and they responded to your tweet saying that they were sorry you had a poor experience, and possibly offered you a discount on future services, wouldn’t this change your view of that company?

Not to mention, if you are managing the presence your brand has on social media, someone else will.

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