How to Run a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads have been around for some time now. However, you would be amazed how many people aren’t using Facebook ads as part of their marketing strategy.

Usually, its because they are unfamiliar with Facebook tools, and have yet to learn about their success. We highly recommend adding Facebook tools to your marketing strategy.

Facebook has a variety of different tools that can help you find new audiences, target specific people, and boost specific posts. However, if you are just getting started working with social media tools, the Facebook Ad is where you should start.

How do I get started?

1) Have a Facebook Business page. If you don’t have one already, you can contact us to set one up for you

2) Once you have a Facebook business page, you want to go to Build Audience and then Use Ads Manager.

3) Once you are in the Ads Manager, you will want to click on the green “Create Ad” button.

4) Then you will want to select which type of ad you would like to run. If you are hoping to improve website visits, then you will want to select “Clicks to Website”, but if you want to increase the number of likes on your page, then you will want to select “Page Likes”. 

5) Once you have decided what you objective will be, you will want to upload photos that illustrate what your business is about, and what you offer. The ad will automatically grab your Facebook photo cover.

6) You will then want to upload demographics to the ad in order to target specific people. You can be specific to region, gender, age, and interest.

7) Once you have determined your target audience, you will want to set the ad to run for a specific number of days. The ad will default to running continuously if you don’t set an end date. 

Please share with us any successes you have had using Facebook ads.