Using Social Media to Intentionally Surprise

This morning I attended a webinar put on by Katie Lance who is a social media expert for the Real Estate industry, and she made a very interesting point during her webinar.

One of her favorite social media lead generation and referral techniques is to Intentionally Surprise some of her contacts. Meaning, she reaches out to a referral or potential client with a personal message or a small social media gift card. Her actions surprise her contacts and leave a positive impression.

She challenged everyone on the call to intentionally surprise at least 1 client a month. If you have never before used the apps that allow you to easily send gifts to other people through social media, that may be a great way to start!

Twitter has @Tweetacoffee which allows you to send a Starbucks gift card to your Twitter connections. The best part about using Twitter is that all of their followers will see that you sent a coffee, and they may Tweet about that positive experience! allows you to send a gift to another Facebook user. These could serve as great thank you gifts to referrals, a relationship refresher to your past clients, or a conversation starter with potential clients and referrals. My Social Media Marketing Network suggests that you take advantage of the privacy option whenever possible.

How do you incorporate intentional surprise into your business’s social media strategy?


AV Strategic Partnership

Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp has entered into an exclusive partnership with AireVue to manage the social media content of their Loan Officers. Mason-McDuffie Mortgage will be using AireVue’s “VueSocial” service to manage and post content for all of their 80+ Loan Officers.

“We chose AireVue simply because of their vast professional experience with marketing in our industry”, said Marilyn Richardsion, President & CEO of Mason-McDuffie Mortgage. “They understand the compliance landscape and more importantly the social media needs of our Loan Officers”.

“We are very excited to have Mason-McDuffie Mortgage as our first VueSocial client”, said AireVue CEO Jason C. Frazier. “It is an easy partnership because they have the same philosophy as we do. They truly want to be different than their competitors.”

Why Visual Marketing is Important

Studies have concluded that TV marketing is no longer the place to spend your marketing dollars. Why is that? According to Reel SEO’s 2013 survey of marketing professionals, 82% of the 600 respondents stated that using video marketing content has had a positive impact on the business. Additionally, 70% of these companies are using video to optimize their SEO.

How can video help your company’s SEO?

Well, Google owns YouTube, and therefore the more videos you add to YouTube, the more likely you are to pop up in search results on Google.

What types of video should I create?

Your videos should always be short and concise, if you want most people to watch the whole thing, they should be between 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can create a video for EACH listing, a video to introduce yourself, and videos that help the client through the home buying process. Most importantly, show your expertise, and use video to provide value to your potential clients.

After I have decided on content, how else can I ensure that my videos will provide value for my brand?

When making a video, Deborah Mitchell, CEO & Founder of Debra Mitchell Media Associates, suggests 4 main tips for making a video a successful a part of your visual marketing strategy:

1) Know Your Audience: Pay attention to who is actually following your channel. As a realtor, your potential client list is very broad, but you will want your videos to cater more to those who will be watching, not necessarily your entire client base. Understand your YouTube demographics by using the YouTube Analytics to better understand your audience.

2) Be Innovative: because video is becoming more popular, you will want to make your video something worth watching. This is where AireVue can be an asset to you, we strive to be on the cutting edge of video marketing and we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients capture their audience.

3) Time Matters: Make sure to have energy and speak clearly. People will be more likely to watch your videos if they like your personality, so try to convey your personality in your video

4) Dress to Impress:  Pay attention to what you are wearing on camera, don’t wear anything that can be overly distracting, and be sure to be polished while on screen.


How do I get people to see my videos?

The simple answer is social media. VueSocial, AireVue’s social media management system can help you post your video to your different social media channels. It is important to remember that customers won’t know you have videos unless you show them.

Also, be sure to watch and comment on other videos. You can’t expect people to engage on your social media pages, if you do not engage on other’s pages. Social media can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Don’t forget to take a look at our video archives to watch how-tos on the most popular social media channels.